Yokoso! This is the first color of the Rainbow Realm, my Literature section! This section includes pages for the series DragonLance, Elfquest, Myth Adventures, Elfsong, and Sword of Truth. Up at the top, Link is thinking about an interesting part of a book--something I do all the time!
Since the page is still in progress, I'll be working on the series' pages in secret, so you won't have to wait. But, so that this page won't be completely empty, I'll give some info on each here. They're in the order I discovered them in.

Elfquest: A fantasy comic-type I discovered when I was about five. If you've read this series, you probably winced just now; it's not really too good for little minds. But for older readers, I highly suggest them. These books begin with a tribe of elves who have part-wolf blood--the Wolfriders. The main character is their cheif, Cutter. There are a lot of Elfquest books, including other artists' works and novelizations. For more info, head to Elfquest.com!
DragonLance: A series of novels published by TSR, the company responsible for AD&D. :) I absolutely love DL. It's got an extremely good story, intense enough to keep you interested, and tame enough to keep you mentally stable. :) I found them when I was nine. This is another series with a lot of books, but in my opinion, most of them aren't so good. The best are by the original authors: the Chronicles, the Legends, and Dragons of Summer Flame. Probably the favorite aspect of these books are the Kender, which you can learn everything about at the Kencyclopedia. You may see me, Flop Twinkletoes, around there as well!
Elfsong: A children's book and the beginning of a trilogy that still hasn't been written (dah, I've been waiting since I was ten. Where are the others?). Elfsong is directed at younger audiences, but I suggest it anyway. It's one out of the three books that's made me cry (not an easy thing to do). The story is wonderful, and the cover art is awesome. If you don't beleive in elves, you will when you put this down. :)
Mythadventures: The funniest fantasy series I've read in my life. This series is a parody of several cliched ideas, but it somehow comes across as original anyway. ^_^ (Aahz is the funniest Pervect you will ever hope to meet...) I found them when I was eleven (do you notice a pattern here?). Well, the humor is usually perfectly fine, but it tends to lean to the perverted side every so often. Start with the first book, Another Fine Myth.
Sword of Truth: I just found this series recently, and I have three things to say: Wow. Wow. Wow. Terry Goodkind is the most incredible author I've ever read. It's been said that they're reminiscent of the Wheel of Time, but with a better sense of realism and characters who actually behave like adults. ^_^ Every time you're positive he's written himself into a corner, he jumps over you and runs off again. It's impossible to predict! I have to say, though, this series is not recommended for the weak at heart, including children. No-one under 15 should read 'em, if you ask me! (Ooh, I'm a bad girl. ;) Well, Andy says I'm that old mentally...)

I hope you weren't too bored here! Each series will have it's own page, eventually. As for now, you can return to the Rainbow Realm!
What's that, Link? Oh, yeah, the disclaimer. Look, none of this stuff is mine, got it? I'm only a fantasy lover, out to spread the fad. :)