Welcome to the Rainbow Realm! This is my world of all things fantasy, whether in books, movies, music or any other medium! It's a website dedicated to the best works of those who can see beyond the known world. More than that, the Rainbow Realm is a monument to dreams.
If you've met me before, you know I'm a dreamer. People who have just met me usually think I'm a psycho hippie. ^_^ Long time friends know me as the exact opposite of superficial. Nothing is more important to me than dreaming, and so this is my "window" to tell that to the world. Pun intended. =) (Yes, I am somewhat a psycho hippie, thanks for asking. *bats her eyelashes*)
So if you, too, are a dreamer, this is the place for you. Relax, take off your shoes, fix a snack, and prepare to be amazed by the amazing works of fantasy created by dreamers like us. Just because they're famous doesn't mean they don't exist! =)

12/27/2003 Talk about your long gaps, I haven't updated in four years. And you know...I don't think I really want to. I've got a website somewhere else now (if you know me, you know where it is, or else you can email me), and this one never really got off the ground enough to feel bad about not updating it. So I'm going to change very little besides this paragraph. Most everything else around the site (such as it is) will stay in perky, hopeful, thirteen-year-old writing, but I'll warn you now, there isn't much actual content to be found.

Meet my mascot--Link! You probably recognize him from the Legend of Zelda video games. Had my website any content, you'd be seeing him all over the place. He's got a picture for each section... Please note, this is from the first Zelda game. I don't make any claims about this picture. I didn't make it, I don't own it, I'm not selling it! Just try to keep your hands off. The picture itself isn't mine--however, this copy of it is, because I own the game, and I scanned it in... In other words, please don't steal any of the Link images. =P Appreciated!

Wind to thy wings!
- Rainbow Girl, aka Rachel B.

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Brief bio: I was born in 1986, and wrote this website as a affectionately manic thirteen-year-old. After that point I more or less abandoned it, but life goes on, and I remain a slightly calmer version of Happy.

Have a colorful day!

Guess what!! An amazing total of people have visited me, plus 1115 before I moved. Boy, is my face red!

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