An elf runs toward you. She has distinctly yellow hair, streaked with silver, and glittering blue eyes. Her outfit is made of soft-looking gray leather, and the sword New Moon hangs at her side. She also carries an impressive spear.
"Welcome to the Holt!"
Another elf with red hair, a man, runs up beside her. The elfmaiden puts and arm around him and continues, smiling. "I'm Bolt, chieftess of the Wolfriders. This is my lifemate Sunstone. We're glad you've come!
"Right now, all we have available is an Elfquest Fanfiction called Soul Seqeunce. Part One was written by me, and Part Two by my soul sister, Brightstar." She gestures to an elfmaiden with silver hair and light blue eyes like stars. "Before you read it, we suggest you have some knowledge of the Wolfrider tribe; specifically recognition and sending.
"Don't worry! Soon I'll provide character and tribe info...for now, if you don't understand something from the story, go ahead and email me!"

Part One by Bolt

Part Two by Brightstar

(You might also know Brightstar as Dash Whistlewind or Sprika)

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